Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are a collection of the most frequestly asked questions (and answers) regarding Blue Pencil 2.

Will Blue Pencil 2 work with versions of Maya prior to Maya 2017?

Currently, Blue Pencil 2 is only supported on Maya 2017 and newer. Adding support for older versions is being evaluated but is not on the current roadmap.

Does Blue Pencil 2 support Viewport 2.0?

Yes. Blue Pencil 2 supports Viewport 2.0 (OpenGL and DirectX 11).

Does Blue Pencil 2 support the Legacy Viewport?

With the (official) removal of the Legacy Viewport in Maya 2018, Blue Pencil 2 has discontinued support. Much of Blue Pencil 2's Legacy Viewport functionality remains and continues to work when the Legacy View is enabled, however, it is no longer being maintained.