The Blue Pencil node can be imported into a scene, or exported from a scene, using Maya's native import/export functions. By taking advantage of this feature, it is possible to transfer drawings between scenes or export drawings to a separate scene file for archiving.


To export the Blue Pencil node from a Maya scene:

  1. Select the bluePencilGrp node from the Outliner.
  2. From Maya's main menu select Export Selection... (File->Export Selection).
  3. Enter a new file name in the Export Selection dialog and click the Export Selection button.

Note: Maya Binary (.mb) is the recommended file format when exporting or saving scenes that include Blue Pencil nodes.


When importing Blue Pencil into a scene it is important that the name of the node isn't changed. The name of the Blue Pencil node should always be bluePencilGrp (without a namespace).

To import the Blue Pencil node into a scene:

  1. From Maya's main menu select Import... (File->Import...).
  2. In the Namespace Options, turn off Use namespaces and set Resolve to Clashing nodes.
  3. Select the file to be imported and click the Import button.

If a prefix was added to the Blue Pencil node on import, rename the node to bluePencilGrp in the Outliner or Channel Box.