Main Menu

This section provides an overview of the tools and operations available through the Blue Pencil main menu. Full details of these features can be found in subsequent sections of the documentation.


Creates a Blue Pencil node (drawing surface), if it does not already exist, and sets the active tool to the Blue Pencil drawing context.


From the Tools submenu, the active drawing tool can be set. Additionally, the the current draw color can be changed through the Set Color... dialog.


The Keys submenu contains all of the operations that involve working with keys. This includes adding, duplicating and removing keys along with cut, copy and paste functions.

New Layer...

Displays the New Layer UI.

Layer Properties...

Displays the Layer Properties for the active layer.


Displays the Toolbox UI.

Tool Options...

Displays the Tool Options UI.

Layer Manager...

Displays the Layer Manager UI.

Color Palette...

Displays the Color Palette UI.

Retiming Tool...

Displays the Retiming Tool UI.


The Lightbox submenu allows the pre and post lightbox display to be enable/disabled. The number of keys displayed by the lightbox can be changed through the Settings... dialog.


Set the active drawing layer.


A canvas image can be set and the color can be changed through the Canvas submenu.


The Utilities submenu contains scripts for adding and removing keys in a selected range.


The cleanup utilities can be used to quickly remove drawings from a layer or completely remove Blue Pencil from the scene.


Displays the Preferences dialog.


Displays the Licensing dialog.


Displays the About dialog.

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