Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are a collection of the most frequestly asked questions (and answers) regarding Charcoal Editor 2.

I already own the original Charcoal Editor. Do I need a new license for Charcoal Editor 2?

Yes. Charcoal Editor 2 is a new product and requires a separate license.

That being said, discounts are available for users who purchased an original Charcoal Editor license. Please contact me for full details (include your name and the email address used to purchase the original license)

Will Charcoal Editor 2 work with versions of Maya prior to Maya 2017?

Charcoal Editor 2 is only available for Maya 2017 and newer.

For older version of Maya (2011-2016) the original Charcoal Editor plug-in is recommended. A Charcoal Editor 2 license can be used with the original Charcoal Editor.

Can Charcoal Editor 2 and the original Charcoal Editor be loaded in Maya at the same time?

Yes. The only conflict I'm aware of would occur with the Script Editor button in the Maya UI. Only the first plug-in loaded would gain control. For more predictable behavior, this fuctionality can be disabled in either version of Charcoal Editor.