Maya - Syncing to the Timeline


Keyframe MP makes it is possible to control the player from an external program by sending a series of simple commands. A great example of this is the Playblast/Reference Viewer demo, syncing Keyframe MP to Maya's timeline.

The Python script used in this example is included in the Keyframe MP installation.

Note: This feature is only available in the licensed version of Keyframe MP.


The Python script ( can be found in the scripts/maya folder under the installation directory.

On Windows the default location is:

C:\Program Files\Zurbrigg\Keyframe MP\scripts\maya

On OS X the default location is:


Method 1 - Run directly from the Script Editor:

  1. Open the script in Maya's Script Editor.
  2. Run the script.

Method 2 - Create a Shelf Button:

  1. Open the script in Maya's Script Editor.
  2. Click the "Save Script to Shelf..." button

Method 3 - Add to Maya's scripts folder:

  1. Copy the script to Maya's scripts folder.
  2. Run the following commands:

    from keyframe_mp_sync import KeyframeMpSync
    from keyframe_mp_sync import KeyframeMpHelper
  3. (Optional) Create a shelf button using those commands.

Additional Notes

This script is setup to automatically launch Keyframe MP, using the default path, prior to making the connection.

If you have used an alternate installation directory, this path will need to be updated otherwise errors will occur. At the top of the script, the path can be found in the following section of code:

KEYFRAME_MP_PATH = "C:/Program Files/Zurbrigg/Keyframe MP/bin/keyframe_mp.exe""