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Beginning Python for Maya

Chapter 4 - Available Now

Chapter 4 in the Beginning Python for Maya series is now available.

This chapter adds almost an hour of new Python tutorials, spread across six lessons covering Python statements, flow control, loops and more.

Beginning Python for Maya

Chapter 3 - Available Now

Chapter 3 in the Beginning Python for Maya series is now available.

Adding over two and a half hours of free tutorials, this chapter provides a comprehensive look at Python's built-in data types and explores some of the most common Maya commands.

Charcoal Editor Update

Version 1.14

An update for Charcoal Editor is now available.

The v1.14 release is a small, but recommended, maintenance update containing several bug fixes and performance improvements.

See the release notes for full details.

Playblast/Reference Viewer

Sneak Peek

Take a sneak peak at one of the new Maya scripts currently in development.

The Playblast/Reference Viewer brings a compact, yet powerful, video player to the Maya toolset and includes a number of features specifically designed to assist with animating in Maya.

Visit the Scripts section for more details.

New Python Tutorials Added

Display Color Override Project

In this new Python Projects for Maya series, we will breakdown the requirements of the Display Color Override script and then take a step-by-step approach to creating the tool inside of Maya.

This series will discuss, among other things, using classes to keep the logic separated from the user interface.

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