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Shot Mask for Maya

The Shot Mask for Maya script allows users to quickly and easily generate a shot mask for any camera in the scene. Masks can be customized and generated interactively through the user interface or programmatically with Python.

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Charcoal Editor Update

Version 1.11

An update for Charcoal Editor is now available.

The latest version includes a wide range of feature updates, performance improvements and bug fixes. Highlights include additional project view functionality, updated python parser and improved auto-completion.

See the release notes for full details.

Blue Pencil Update

Version 1.52

An update for Blue Pencil is now available.

Version 1.52 includes the first release of the powerful new Transform Tool. The transform tool allows users to translate, rotate and scale a selected region of a drawing and provides additional functionality to cut, copy and paste selections between drawings and layers.

Other new features include the ability to resize the brush diameter by holding down the 'B' key and LMB dragging in the viewport. And, for users who do not use auto-key, there is a new option to paint to the previous key if a key does not exist at the current time.

See the release notes for full details.

Charcoal Editor Demo

Charcoal Editor v1.10 includes a new demo mode that allows users to experience many of the features available in this powerful plug-in. The plug-in defaults to demo mode when a license is not installed.

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