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Blue Pencil Update

Version 1.03

An update for Blue Pencil is now available.

Included in the version 1.03 update is the official Linux release, performance improvements, several new user configuable options and a couple of minor bug fixes.

See the release notes for full details.

Blue Pencil Update

Version 1.02

An update for Blue Pencil is now available.

Version 1.02 brings with it several new features including a customizable color palette and a floating viewport for displaying thumbnails/reference while animating.

Watch the preview now!

Blue Pencil Released

After many months, Blue Pencil has been released and is available now.

Blue Pencil is a Maya plug-in that allows 2d drawing directly on the viewport. It is a multi-purpose tool that can be used as a grease pencil for planning, annotation and illustration. Animators can use if for thumbnailing, rough blocking and arc tracking directly in Maya. Additionally, it may be used for shot reviews, video tutorials and screencasting.

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Display Color Override for Maya

Quickly override the display color of one or more selected objects using a color index UI. With this script it is no longer necessary to dig deep into the Maya's Attribute Editor to enable drawing overrides and set the color using a slider.

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