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Keyframe MP Update

Version 1.0.4

A new version of Keyframe MP is now available for download. This update includes several feature requests including the option to open multiple instances of the player and hotkeys to resize the video to half and quarter sizes. See the release notes for full details.

Additionally, on the downloads page I have added an option to download Keyframe MP as a zip file. This is in addition to the (recommended) Windows installer. The zip file is provided, as is, for users and administrators who may need the extra flexibility and are comfortable installing and configuring applications in this format.

Keyframe MP is Now Available

Try It Today!

I’m pleased to announce the initial release of Keyframe MP is now available for download. Grab a copy and try it today.

The project, which originally started as an in-house script for Maya known simply as the Playblast/Reference Viewer, has evolved into a fully functional media player with an extensive set of features not found in the original script, including audio scrubbing, RAM caching, bookmarking and more.

Check out the Overview and Quick Start Guide videos for an introduction to Keyframe MP.

Additionally, Maya - Syncing to the Timeline outlines the steps for connecting to Keyframe MP from Maya.

Keyframe MP is currently available for 64-bit version of Windows (Vista or newer) with an OS X version in development.

Playblast/Reference Viewer Redux

Keyframe MP and Maya

One of the most popular requests for Keyframe MP during the beta period was to allow the player to sync with Maya’s timeline (like it did in the original Playblast/Reference Viewer script).

As a feature that has been on the todo list since day one, I'm please to announce that it can finally be moved to the completed column.

To demonstrate, I’ve recreated the Playblast/Reference Viewer video using Keyframe MP:

Direct Link

Keyframe MP Preview

Media Player for Animators

Today, I'm pleased to announce the upcoming release of Keyframe MP.

A spiritual successor to the Playblast/Reference Viewer script, Keyframe MP is based on ideas, suggestions and feedback from animators around the world.

Features include scrubbing and single frame stepping (with optional audio), an adjustable playback range, RAM caching, a customizable user interface and support for a wide range of video file formats.

With bookmarks, users can keep track of, and save, specific areas of interest in a video. Single frame bookmarks provide quick access to keys and poses, including stepping between frames, while range bookmarks manage and restore selected playback ranges.

A release date is set for early April.

A New Look and a New Release

It's been several years since this site went live and during that time it has evolved in ways that fell outside the scope of the original design. New tools, a growing collection of tutorials and scripts, and an expanded vision have all contributed to my desire for a new look. That being said, I’m pleased to reveal the new look which I feels better reflects this site today.

That’s great, love the look, but what about the new release, the one you mentioned in the title? In the next few days I will be announcing my next official release. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that its predecessor brought about a great deal of interest last year and it's been high on the wishlist of many animators.

Beginning Python for Maya

Chapter 5 - Available Now

Chapter 5 in the Beginning Python for Maya series is now available.

Adding almost an hour of new Python tutorials, this chapter explores Python functions in depth and includes a comprehensive example for creating simple hierarchies in Maya.