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Blue Pencil for Maya 2015

Version 2.01

Blue Pencil 2.0 is now available for download. This release includes full support for Maya 2015 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Under the hood of Blue Pencil 2.0 is an updated drawing engine that takes advantage of Viewport 2.0 and the new drawing APIs that were first released with Maya 2014. Along with full VP 2.0 OpenGL support, the updated engine includes a number of performance updates and enhancements available using the new APIs.

Keyframe MP for OS X (Beta)

Public Beta

By popular request, I've made the latest beta release of Keyframe MP for OS X available as a public download. As with the Windows release, anyone can use the "lite" version of player for as long as they like, while those with a valid license can take advantage of the advanced features included in the full version.

As part of the Keyframe MP introductory offer, all licenses purchased during the introductory period are cross-platform and can be used with both Windows and OS X verisons of the player.

Keyframe MP Update

Version 1.0.6

A new version of Keyframe MP is now available for download. This release includes a small number of bug fixes, additional audio support, alternate hotkeys for improved workflow on international keyboards and more.

Additionally, this release brings the OS X version of Keyframe MP in line with Windows and one step closer to a full release. Further details related to OS X version will be announced shortly.

See the release notes for full details.

Keyframe MP Update

Version 1.0.4

A new version of Keyframe MP is now available for download. This update includes several feature requests including the option to open multiple instances of the player and hotkeys to resize the video to half and quarter sizes. See the release notes for full details.

Additionally, on the downloads page I have added an option to download Keyframe MP as a zip file. This is in addition to the (recommended) Windows installer. The zip file is provided, as is, for users and administrators who may need the extra flexibility and are comfortable installing and configuring applications in this format.

Keyframe MP is Now Available

Try It Today!

I’m pleased to announce the initial release of Keyframe MP is now available for download. Grab a copy and try it today.

The project, which originally started as an in-house script for Maya known simply as the Playblast/Reference Viewer, has evolved into a fully functional media player with an extensive set of features not found in the original script, including audio scrubbing, RAM caching, bookmarking and more.

Check out the Overview and Quick Start Guide videos for an introduction to Keyframe MP.

Additionally, Maya - Syncing to the Timeline outlines the steps for connecting to Keyframe MP from Maya.

Keyframe MP is currently available for 64-bit version of Windows (Vista or newer) with an OS X version in development.