Shot Mask VP2.0 for Maya

Available Now

Shot Mask VP2.0 is the spiritual successor to the original Shot Mask for Maya script. The VP2.0 shot mask uses a custom Maya node that leverages the VP2.0 drawing APIs and includes a powerful GUI interface, providing an interactive approach to creating masks.

For more information and downloads visit the Shot Mask VP2.0 main page.

Updated Shot Mask Script

Now Available

An update to the Shot Mask script was recently released to help workaround the case where text created in newer versions of Maya may have letters with normals facing in different directions. Prior to the update different characters may have failed to display correctly.

The updated Shot Mask script (full source) can be downloaded from the scripts section.

Shot Mask for Maya

The Shot Mask for Maya script allows users to quickly and easily generate a shot mask for any camera in the scene. Masks can be customized and generated interactively through the user interface or programmatically with Python.

Download it now!

Display Color Override for Maya

Quickly override the display color of one or more selected objects using a color index UI. With this script it is no longer necessary to dig deep into the Maya's Attribute Editor to enable drawing overrides and set the color using a slider.

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