Blue Pencil 2

Advanced Grease Pencil for Maya

Today I'm pleased to announce that Blue Pencil 2 is now available.

Blue Pencil 2 is the successor to the popular Blue Pencil for Maya plug-in, originally released for Maya 2011 and 2012. There have been many significant changes to Maya since then, most notably Viewport 2.0, and Blue Pencil 2 has been redesigned and developed from the ground up to fully support these changes.

While maintaining all of the functionality that made the original a success, Blue Pencil 2 includes a wide range of new features including an extended toolset (text, line, arrow and more), layer states and timeline frame markers. Other notable enhancements include support for VP2.0 (OpenGL and DirectX 11) and Maya's 2D pan and zoom.

For full details, and to give it a try, visit the Blue Pencil 2 main page.