Keyframe MP v2 Beta (macOS)

Available Now

A public beta of Keyframe MP v2 is now available for Mac users.

Keyframe MP v2 is a complete update to the orignial media player. It is built using the same engine that powers Keyframe Pro and includes some major enhancements under the hood resulting in a smooth and seamless user experience.

Among the changes are the inclusion of an (optional) hardware renderer and user configurable hotkeys, both of which can be configured through the preferences. An updated decoding engine makes it possible to smoothly play most media files backwards and uncached seek times have been significantly optimized. The user interface has received a makeover and the original Maya sync script has been rewritten (it is now known as "Maya To Keyframe MP") to support the new client API. Updated instructions for setting up Maya to Keyframe MP can be found in the online documention.

To download the latest beta build for macOS and the Maya to Keyframe MP v2 script, visit the Keyframe MP main page.