Introduction to PySide for Maya

Chris Zurbrigg

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Learn to create Python scripts for Maya that take advantage of the Qt framework through PySide. This series of tutorials covers a range of topics suitable for beginner and intermediate level developers.

Lesson 01: Hello PySide

This lesson demonstrates how to create a simple Qt window inside of Maya using PySide. Although it is a very basic script, it will illustrate some of the fundamental principles of working with Qt in Maya.

Lesson 02: A More Practical PySide Example

In this lesson, we will dive a little deeper into PySide by building a simple tool that generates polygon primitives in Maya. This tutorial will demonstrate how to extend the QDialog class, add a layout and make connections using Signals and Slots.

Lesson 03: Signals and Slots in PySide

In this lesson, we will take a closer look at Qt Signals and Slots and how to use them in a PySide dialog. Along the way, we will demonstrate how to use some of the most common control signals.