General Preferences


Change the language settings for Charcoal Editor. English is the only language available at this time.

Main Window

Show Toolbar - Toggle the display of the Toolbar.

Show Status Bar - Toggle the display of the Status Bar.

Save on Execute - Automatically save the file or buffer prior to executing a script.

Override Script Editor Button - When enabled, the Script Editor button, on the main Maya interface, will launch Charcoal Editor.

Display confirmation dialog when closing a buffer - Displays confirmation warning when a temporary buffer is closed.

Tool Bar

Show Tab Bar - Toggle the display of the tab bar.

Lock Tabs - When enabled, the tabs on the tab bar cannot be dragged to different positions.

Insert documents to the left of existing tabs - Controls the position, in the tab bar, where a new file is opened or buffer is created.

Double click to close document - When enabled, double clicking on a tab will close it.

Show close all but this menu item - Controls the visibility of the "close all but this" item in the tab bar context menu.

Show close button on each tab - Toggle the display of the close button on each tab.

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