Installing Charcoal Editor

Charcoal Editor is a self-contained plug-in that can be easily installed into any environment. The plug-in file can be copied to, and loaded from, any location that exists on the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH. See the Alternate Installation for more details.

Basic Installation

For a default installation of Charcoal Editor, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and unzip the latest version of Charcoal Editor from the main page.
  2. The Charcoal Editor file contains folders for each supported version of Maya. Open the folder corresponding to your version of Maya.

    Plug-in names: CharcoalEditor.mll (Windows), CharcoalEditor.bundle (OSX) or (Linux).

  3. Copy the plug-in to Maya's default plug-in directory:

    Windows: Copy CharcoalEditor.mll to C:/Program Files/Autodesk/<MAYA_VERSION>\bin\plug-ins

    Mac OS X: Copy CharcoalEditor.bundle to /Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/<MAYA_VERSION>\plug-ins

  4. Launch Maya and open the Plug-in Manager (Window->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager).
  5. From the Plug-in Manager check the Loaded and Auto-Load boxes next to the Charcoal Editor plugin.

Alternate Installation

Charcoal Editor can be installed to any location that exists on the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH environment variable. Directories can be added to the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH by adding a system level environment variable, creating a Maya.env file, or through a userSetup file. For this guide the Maya.env method will be used.

  1. Create a new plug-ins directory.

    (e.g. C:/Users/<username>/Documents/maya/2012-x64/plug-ins)

  2. Copy the Charcoal Editor plug-in to the new directory. Be sure the plug-in version matches the Maya version.
  3. Create a text file named Maya.env
  4. Add the following line to the file (replacing <plugin directory_path> with your new path):
    MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH=<plugin directory_path>
  5. Save it to one of the following directories:

    Windows: C:/Users/<username>/Documents/maya/<version>

    Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/<version>

  6. Launch Maya.
  7. Execute the following MEL command to verify the directory has been added to the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH:
    getenv MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH
  8. Open the Plug-in Manager (Window->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager)
  9. Check the Loaded and Auto-Load boxes next to the Charcoal Editor plugin.

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