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Create a new script buffer. A dialog will be displayed asking what type of buffer to create (MEL, Python or None). A buffer type of None will be treated as a plain text file.

New MEL Buffer
Create a new buffer for writing MEL scripts.
New Python Buffer
Create a new buffer for writing Python scripts.
Open File...

Open an existing file from a location on disk. By default, the Open dialog will be set to the Projects directory.

Open Recent
A list of previously closed files to open.
Open Workspace...
Open a previously saved workspace.
Add Folder to Workspace...
Add a top level directory to the current workspace.
Save Workspace As...
Save the current workspace to disk.

Save the active file or buffer to disk. If the active tab is a buffer, the Save As dialog will be displayed.

Save As...

Save the active file or buffer to a specified location on disk.

Save All

Save all files and buffers to disk.


Change the name of the active file or buffer. If the active tab is a file the filename will be changed on disk.

Save Script to Shelf...

Save the active file or buffer contents to the current Maya shelf. If a selection exists in the active tab, only the selected text will be saved to the shelf.

Source Script...

Execute the contents of a MEL script file. If changes are made to the script after sourcing it, the changes are not automatically picked up by Maya. The script will need to be re-sourced.

Revert File
Reloads the most recent save of a file.

Close the active buffer or file.

Close All Files

Close all buffers and files.

Close Workspace

Close the current workspace.

Save State
Save the state of Charcoal Editor 2.

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