Keyframe MP

Playblast/Reference Viewer

Keyframe MP is a compact, yet powerful, media player designed to meet the needs of animators. Features that include scrubbing (with audio), single frame stepping, an adjustable playback range and bookmarks help make Keyframe MP the perfect player for playblasting and viewing reference footage.

Take control of your viewing experience with a customizable user interface, variable scrubbing, convenient hotkeys and more. With RAM caching, frames are stored in memory providing real-time playback and smooth scrubbing forwards and backwards.

Keep track of specific areas of interest in a video using Keyframe MP bookmarks. Single frame bookmarks provide quick access to keys and poses, including stepping between frames. Range bookmarks manage and restore selected playback ranges. All bookmarks can be saved to a file and restored in a later session.



Keyframe MP: Quick Start Guide
Keyframe MP: Playblast/Reference Viewer


Timeline scrubbing (with audio)
Variable mouse scrubbing (with audio)
Single frame stepping (with audio)
Adjustable video playback speed
Adjustable playback range
RAM caching
Always on top
Flip video horizontally and vertically
Bookmark frames
Bookmark ranges
Cycle through bookmarks with hotkeys
Save bookmarks to file
User Interface
Customizable interface
Hotkeys for almost every action
Modifier keys to control scrub speed
Playback controls
Volume controls
Range Timeline
Media Information
Console Window