MEL Preferences


Display errors and warnings - Toggles the display of errors, warings and info in the code editor.

Smart indent - When enabled, Charcoal Editor 2 will create indents according to code structure.

Insert closing parentheses - When enabled, Charcoal Editor 2 will insert matching parentheses.

Insert closing quotes - When enabled, Charcoal Editor 2 will insert matching quotes.

Trim trailing whitespaces on save - When enabled, the trailing whitespaces on each line will be removed on save.

Ensure newline at end of file on save - When enabled, a newline will be added at the end of the file if one does not exist.

Include '$' in double-click selection - When double-clicking to select text, include leading '$' in the selection. (e.g. MEL variables)

Auto-complete updates Quick Help - Auto-completion updates the Quick Help search bar if the completed text is a Maya command.


The auto-complete checkboxes control how and when the auto-complete dialog is displayed. By disabling all checkboxes, auto-complete will never be displayed.