The Output view displays all of the cmds, errors, results and other trace generated by Maya.

The amount of tracing (or verbosity) can be changed to one of three levels:

  • Echo All - Display all commands
  • Normal - Default
  • Minimal - Hides history output

Note: Echoing all commands can affect Maya's performace due to the excessive trace generated. It is highly recommended that users turn this on only when required. An option exists in the CE2 preferences to disable Echo All on startup.

Highlighting Output Trace

Charcoal Editor 2 displays errors, warnings and results, each in a different color (red, yellow and green respectively). Distinguishing the different messages by color allows users to quickly identify areas of interest. Users can modify these, or add custom highlighting rules, in the Charcoal Editor 2 Preferences (in the Output section under "Custom Highlighting").