Pylint Overview

Pylint is a Python source code analyzer that can be used to find programming errors, enforce coding standards and identify questionable code.

After installing and enabling Pylint in Charcoal Editor 2, the Pylint analyer will override CE2's native error checking. Errors, warnings and suggestions from Pylint will be visully displayed in the CE2 code editor.

Pylint, although very thorough and robust can be overly verbose. The default configuration can overwhelm new users with too many "helpful" messages. By default, Charcoal Editor 2 uses a minimal checker that shows error messages and some of the more userful warnings while supressing standards and styling suggestions that do not impact a script's functionality. For advanced users, the minimal checker can be disabled in CE2's preferences and a pylintrc configuration file can be used in its place.

For full details on Pylint visit:

Development is hosted on GitHub:

Pylint is free software distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.