Python Preferences


Display errors and warnings - Toggles the display of errors, warings and info in the code editor.

Smart indent - When enabled, Charcoal Editor 2 will create indents according to code structure.

Insert closing parentheses - When enabled, Charcoal Editor 2 will insert matching parentheses.

Insert closing quotes - When enabled, Charcoal Editor 2 will insert matching quotes.

Trim trailing whitespaces on save - When enabled, the trailing whitespaces on each line will be removed on save.

Ensure newline at end of file on save - When enabled, a newline will be added at the end of the file if one does not exist.

Hide .pyc files in Project View -Filters .pyc files from the Project View widget.

Import PyMEL on load - When enabled, Charcoal Editor will automatically import PyMEL when it is loaded.

Auto-complete updates Quick Help - Auto-completion updates the Quick Help search bar if the completed text is a Maya command.


The auto-complete checkboxes control how and when the auto-complete dialog is displayed. By disabling all checkboxes, auto-complete will never be displayed.

Auto-Complete Options

Include Keywords - Include Python keywords in the auto-complete list.

Include Built-ins - Include Python built-in methods in the auto-complete list.

Forced Imports

Forced imports are a list of semi-colon (;) separated Python import statement. The imports included in this list are automatically imported by Charcoal Editor and added to the auto-complete list (without having to include the import statement in the source code).

Common usage of this field would be for imports that are included in the startup file or any imports that the user would always like to have displayed in the auto-complete list.


import maya.cmds as cmds;import pymel.core as pmc;import sys