Side Bar

The Side Bar is composed of three different views: Explorer, Search (Global) and Quick Help. This active view can be switched using the Activity Bar, main menu or hotkeys. By default the Side Bar is displayed on the left but can be moved to the right or hidden.

Explorer View

The Explorer view is composed of three different sections: Workspace, Outline and Open Editors.


The Workspace provides a tree view of the folders and files in a project. Top level folders can be added or removed from the workspace and new folders/files can be added through this view. Files in the workspace can be opened in the code editor by double-clicking or right-clicking and selecting Open from the context-menu.


The Outline view displays an outline of a structured file that is currently active in the code editor, and lists structural elements. The contents of the Outline view are language specific. A Python buffer displays, among other things, imports, classes and methods while a MEL buffer displays global variables and procs (global and local)

The Outline can be used to quickly navigate to specific elements in the code. Clicking on an item will move the cursor to the location of the element in the editor.

Open Editors

As its name implies, this section display a list of all the currently opened editors, separated by group.

Search (Global)

The Search view is for global find and replace operations. This view will normally only operate on folders added to the Workspace however the filters can be modified to search any location.

Quick Help

The Quick Help veiw displays the list of flags for a specified MEL command. The command can be set by entering the name in the text field of the view.