Hotkeys provide simple keyboard shortcuts to perform common operations. The list below shows the default hotkeys for Keyframe MP.

A hotkey editor is available in Keyframe MP v2.0.1 (and newer). To modify hotkeys, open the Preferences dialog (Edit->Preferences...) and select the "Keyboard" tab.


Command Hotkey Notes
Open Media Ctrl+O
Open Bookmarks Ctrl+Shift+O
Save Bookmarks Ctrl+S
Save Bookmarks As Ctrl+Shift+S
Cache from Current C
Always on Top Ctrl+K


Play/Pause Space L (play), K (pause)
Step Forward Right
Step Backward Left
Seek Start Home
Seek End End
Seek Range Start Ctrl+Left
Seek Range End Ctrl+Right

Playback Speed

Normal Speed 0
Half Speed 9
Quarter Speed 8
Custom Speed Ctrl+0
Increase Speed + =
Decrease Speed -

Playback Range

Range Start to Current , I (alternate)
Range End to Current . O (alternate)
Reset Range Ctrl+P


Toggle Audio Scrubbing Ctrl+Shift+A
Increase Volume Shift+Up
Decrease Volume Shift+Down
Mute M


Original Size 1
Half Size 2
Quarter Size 3
Flip Horizontal X
Flip Vertical Y
Rotate CW Ctrl+Shift+M
Rotate CCW Ctrl+Shift+N


Set Frame Bookmark F
Set Range Bookmark R
Previous Frame Bookmark [ Down Arrow (alternate)
Next Frame Bookmark ] Up Arrow (alternate)
Previous Range Bookmark Ctrl+[ Ctrl+Down Arrow (alternate)
Next Range Bookmark Ctrl+] Ctrl+Up Arrow (alternate)
Clear Current Frame Ctrl+F
Clear Frames in Range Shift+F
Clear All Frame Ctrl+Shift+F
Clear Current Range Ctrl+R
Clear All Ranges Ctrl+Shift+R


Swap Timelines T
Timeline F2
Range Timeline F3
Menu Bar F5 Not available on OS X
Playback Controls F6
Media Info F9
Console Window F10

Mac OS X: Use the Cmd key in place of Ctrl unless otherwise indicated.

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