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PySide2 for Maya (Vol. 2)

Maya (2017+)
1 hour 19 minutes
Chris Zurbrigg

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Further develop your Qt skills by exploring some of the more interesting, challenging and advanced functionality available when using PySide2 in Maya.
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7 Videos (1 hour 19 minutes)

00 - Introduction

A high level overview of what is upcoming in the second volume of the PySide2 for Maya series.

01 - QDialog vs. QWidget

A look at the differences between the QDialog and QWidget classes and how to create a window derived from QWidget.

02 - Adding Images (Part 1)

The next couple of lessons demonstrate two different methods for adding images to a Qt user interface. The first approach, covered in this video, takes advantage of the QDialog widget.

03 - Adding Images (Part 2)

Continuing on from the previous lesson, learn how to create a custom image widget that overrides the paintEvent method and uses the QPainter class to draw the final image.

04 - Traversing Directories

In this lesson, learn how to recursively traverse a directory and its subdirectories, using only Qt classes, to map the file hierarchy and create a custom file explorer dialog.

05 - Show in Folder (Part 1)

A popular feature found in many UIs that involve external files (scene files, textures, etc...) is the ability to open Explorer (or Finder) at the file’s location and selecting that file. Building on the previous example, this functionality will be explored, in detail, over the next two lessons.

06 - Show in Folder (Part 2)

To complete the Show in Folder example, the QDesktopServices and QProcess classes are leveraged to display Explorer/Finder using both an OS independent approach and separate OS dependent code paths that offer extra functionality.

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