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PySide2 for Maya (Vol. 3)

Maya (2017+)
1 hours 26 minutes
Chris Zurbrigg

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This series continues to explore advanced Qt functionality and Maya integration, with a focus on applying this knowledge to create robust, user-friendly PySide2 UIs in Maya.
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8 Videos (1 hours 26 minutes)

00 - Introduction

A high level overview of what is upcoming in the third volume of the PySide2 for Maya series.

01 - Docking (Part 1)

An overview of docking and workspaces in Maya -- including a brief look at the workspaceControl command and workspace config files.

02 - Docking (Part 2)

A detailed look at the mayaMixin module and using the MayaQWidgetDockableMixin class to create dockable PySide2 UIs.

03 - Docking (Part 3)

Building on the MayaQWidgetDockableMixin example from the previous lesson, additional functionality is added to ensure the dockable UI's state persists between Maya sessions.

04 - Docking (Part 4)

Over the next few lessons, an alternative solution to the mixinModule is implemented. These lessons provide a detailed look at the workspaceControl command and deeper insight into docking and workspaces.

05 - Docking (Part 5)

With the WorkspaceControl class complete, this lesson demonstrates how to take existing examples from the PySide2 for Maya series and convert them to dockable UIs using this class.

06 - Docking (Part 6)

Continuing on from the previous lesson, functionality is added to SampleUI that allows the UI's state to persist between Maya sessions. As a bonus, this code can be used to create shelf buttons and menu items to launch the UI.

07 - Docking (Part 7)

Extra tips for working with workspace controls. Additionally, example code is provided that takes a pipeline approach to creating reusable dockable UI components.

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