Moving Frames in the Timeline

As of the v2.3.1 release of Blue Pencil 2, frames within the selected range can be moved directly in the timeline (similar to Maya's native keyframes).

To move one or more frames in the timeline:

  1. Make sure a BP drawing tool (context) is active
  2. Select a range in the timeline (hold down the Shift key, left-mouse click and drag)
  3. Left-mouse click on the middle set of arrows in the selected range and drag.


A BP2 drawing tool must be active to include BP2 frames in the move operation. When another tool is active (e.g. Move or Rotate) BP2 frames will be excluded. This allows for BP2 frames to be included with, or excluded from, move operations on native Maya keyframes (selected nodes).

More than one BP2 frame cannot exist at the same time. When dragging the timeline range, if two frames have the same time, the frame on the timeline will be displayed in black. If the drag ends (by releasing the left-mouse button) and two frames have the same time, the move operation will fail and all keys will be returned to their initial times.

Frame moves only apply to frames on the active layer.

Scaling is not supported (dragging the left/right range handles).

Frame move functionality can be disabled in Preferences by turning off the General->Timeline range move enabled option.