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Charcoal Editor 2

Maya Scripting Evolved


Charcoal Editor 2 is a plugin for Autodesk Maya designed to replace the aging script editor. Fully integrated into Maya using Qt and the Maya API, Charcoal Editor 2 brings many of the advanced features found in leading IDEs directly into Maya.

Created to meet the production needs of Maya TDs and tools developers, Charcoal Editor 2 is powerful, flexible and familiar. It includes the major functionality of Maya's native script editor and adds an extensive set of features that professional developers depend on.

Redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of the latest changes in Maya, while maintaining all of the features that made the original a success, Charcoal Editor 2 is a feature rich editor that offers a modern user experience.

Charcoal Editor 2 removes the need for complex external editor setups. The plugin installs in seconds and seamlessly integrates into Maya's environment leaving you free to focus on creating great scripts.

Feature Comparison

GeneralCharcoal Editor 2Maya Script Editor
Modern user interface
Multi-document (tabs)
Script execution
Selected code execution
Single line execution
Auto-save on execute
Never delete code on execute
Code editor syntax highlighting
Output syntax highlighting
Split-screen editing
Movable tabs
Document editing
File renaming
Right-click context menus
Smart indenting
Indent guides
Multi-level undo/redo
Command documentation
MEL Auto-complete
Python Auto-complete
Pylint support
Toggle comment
Matching word highlighting
Matching brace highlighting
Insert closing braces
Insert closing quotes
Line editing utilities
Convert tabs to spaces
Display hidden characters (tabs and spaces)
Save script to shelf
Drag-and-drop script to shelf
Advanced find and replace
Windows and Views
Code editor groups
Output window
Workspace view
Code outline view
Open editors view
Local search
Global search
Quick help
Go to... (file, symbol, line number)
Workspace compatible
User configurable layouts
Customizable colors
Customizable hotkeys
Customizable font settings
Customizable tabs and spaces
User configurable auto-complete settings
User defined output line highlighting

* Script editor auto-complete only occurs on objects in the main namespace

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