Installation Errors

Listed below are the most common errors that may be encountered when installing the Blue Pencil 2 plug-in. If you are unable to resolve your installation issues using this guide, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Blue Pencil 2 Does Not Display in the Plug-in Manager

Make sure that BluePencil2.mll (Windows) or BluePencil2.bundle (macOS) exists in Maya's default plug-ins directory or in a directory included in MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH.

To verify that a directory is included in the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH variable, run the following MEL command:


Loading Blue Pencil 2 in the Plug-in Manager Fails

When Maya fails to load a plugin, an error is generated and displayed in the script editor. Listed below are the most common errors and the likely cause.

Error: The specified procedure could not be found. (BluePencil2)

The wrong version of the plug-in is being loaded (e.g. loading Blue Pencil 2 for Maya 2017 in Maya 2018). Copy the correct version of Blue Pencil 2 to the plug-ins folder.

Licensing Errors

Invalid license errors should be rare and are often caused by inadvertent changes to license file. Even small changes to the license file will render it invalid.

To restore your license, locate the email containing your original license and download/overwrite the file on your hard drive. Launch Maya and reload the license through the Blue Pencil 2 main menu.