Installing Blue Pencil 2

Blue Pencil 2 is a self-contained plug-in that can be easily installed into any environment. The plug-in file can be copied to any location that exists on the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH. See the Advanced Installation section for more details.

Basic Installation

The following is the most straightforward installation method:

  1. Download and unzip the latest version of Blue Pencil 2 from the main page.
  2. Copy the plug-in to Maya's plug-in directory (create the plug-ins folder if it does not exist):

    Windows: Copy BluePencil2.mll to C:/Users/<username>Documents/maya/<MAYA_VERSION>\plug-ins

    macOS: Copy BluePencil2.bundle to /Users/Shared/Autodesk/maya/<MAYA_VERSION>\plug-ins

  3. Launch Maya and open the Plug-in Manager (Window->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager).
  4. From the Plug-in Manager check the Loaded and Auto-Load boxes next to the Blue Pencil 2 plug-in.

macOS Catalina: Blue Pencil 2 may need to be authorized to load on Catalina.

To remove the quarentine flag run the following Terminal command:

sudo xattr -r -d <install_directory>/BluePencil2.bundle

Advanced Installation

Blue Pencil 2 can be installed to any location that exists on the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH environment variable. Directories can be added to the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH by adding a system level environment variable, creating a Maya.env file, or through a userSetup file. For this guide the Maya.env method will be used.

  1. Create a new plug-ins directory.
  2. Copy the Blue Pencil 2 plug-in to the new directory. Be sure the plug-in version matches the Maya version.
  3. Create a text file named Maya.env
  4. Add the following line to the file (replacing <plugin directory_path> with your new path):
    MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH=<plugin directory_path>
  5. Save it to one of the following directories:

    Windows: C:/Users/<username>/Documents/maya/<version>

    macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/<version>

  6. Launch Maya.
  7. Execute the following MEL command to verify the directory has been added to the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH:
    getenv MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH
  8. Open the Plug-in Manager (Window->Settings/Preferences->Plug-in Manager)
  9. Check the Loaded and Auto-Load boxes next to the Blue Pencil 2 plugin.