Scrubbing and Frame Stepping

Keyframe Pro provides users with the ability to scrub or step, frame by frame, through a video. Both scrubbing and stepping allow for optional audio playback that can be enabled through the main menu (Audio->Audio Scrub).

For the best results, and to avoid any delays due to seeking, it is recommended that scrubbing and frame stepping occur within the cached range.

Timeline Scrubbing

The timeline and range timeline both provide standard scrubbing by left clicking on the playhead and dragging to the left or right. Depending on the duration of the timeline (or the current range visible in the range timeline) and the size of the window, it may not be possible to get frame-by-frame scrubbing from the timeline. In this case, mouse scrubbing is recommended.

Mouse Scrubbing

Mouse scrubbing is performed by left clicking on the video window and dragging the mouse to the left or right. Moving the mouse faster or slower directly affects the scrub speed.

Tip: The CTRL and SHIFT keys can be used to slow down and speed up mouse scrubbing.

Frame Stepping

Frame stepping moves the playhead a single frame forwards, or backwards, and can be performed in a couple of ways. The most common method is to use the left and right arrow hotkeys. Each keypress represents a single frame. The second method is by clicking the step forward or step backward buttons on the playback controls.