Maya Scripts

A selection of Python scripts and plugins developed for personal projects and tutorials

Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast (w/Shot Mask)

A set of tools designed to modernize, enhance and streamline the playblasting process in Maya.

Using ffmpeg, Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast replaces Maya’s outdated media encoding solution and the included shot mask allows for dynamic playblast burn-ins.

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Playblast/Reference Viewer for Maya

The Playblast/Reference Viewer brings a compact, yet powerful, video player to the Maya toolset and includes a number of features specifically designed to assist with animating in Maya.

This script was the inspiration for Keyframe MP/Pro and the included Maya to Keyframe MP/Pro scripts for syncing.

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Shot Mask for Maya (Legacy)

A pre-VP2.0 (legacy) shot mask script that allows users to quickly and easily create a shot mask and frame counter for any camera in the scene.

The GUI interface provides an interactive approach for creating shot masks while the API allow for custom generation through scripting.

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Display Color Override

Quickly override the display color of one or more selected objects using a color index UI.

With this small script it is no longer necessary to dig deep into the Maya's Attribute Editor to enable drawing overrides and set the color.

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