Shot Mask VP2.0 for Maya

Shot Mask VP2.0 is the spiritual successor to the original Shot Mask for Maya script. The VP2.0 shot mask uses a custom Maya node that leverages the VP2.0 drawing APIs and includes a powerful GUI interface, providing an interactive approach to creating masks. Additionally, a simple python API makes it possible to easily write custom scripts or automate the creation process as part of a larger pipeline.

Written entirely in Python (with full source code provided) the plug-in/script is cross-platform and can be extended or modified as needed. Originally created for a tutorial that, as of yet, is unrecorded, the source is written in a manner that should provide an entry point for anyone who is familiar with Python in Maya but new to the VP2.0 APIs.

As the name implies, Shot Mask VP2.0 will only display when using Viewport 2.0.


Available for Maya 2015+ (older versions of Maya see the original Shot Mask for Maya)


  1. Download and extract the contents of the file
  2. Copy plug-ins/ to your Maya plug-ins directory
  3. Copy scripts/ to your Maya scripts directory

Adding a Shelf Button

  1. Open the Script Editor in Maya (Window->General Editors->Script Editor)
  2. Create a new Python tab
  3. Insert the following Python commands:
    from zshotmask_ui import ZShotMask, ZShotMaskUi
  4. From the Script Editor main menu select File->Save Script to Shelf
  5. Enter a name for the shelf button and click OK