Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast (w/Shot Mask)


Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast is a set of tools designed to modernize, enhance and streamline the playblasting process in Maya. Leveraging ffmpeg*, Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast replaces Maya’s outdated media encoding solution allowing users to easily encode playblasts as mp4 or mov files using the industry standard h264 video codec.

With the integrated shot mask overlay, quickly add burn-ins to any playblast. Shot information can be fixed or updated dynamically using built-in macros to display common details including the current frame, scene name, a custom logo and more...

Offering one-click playblasts, built-in shot mask, a wide variety of presets and customizable user settings, Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast delivers a robust, user-friendly set of playblasting tools.

* ffmpeg is a free, open-source application required for playblasting. Details on downloading and installing ffmpeg are available here.


Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast is available now on Gumroad


A detailed video walkthrough on installing Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast is available here.

  1. Download and unzip the latest version of Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast
  2. Copy zurbrigg_advanced_playblast.py (from the plug-ins folder) to Maya's plug-ins directory:

    Windows: C:/Users/<username>/Documents/maya/<MAYA_VERSION>\plug-ins
    macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/<MAYA_VERSION>\plug-ins

    ** Create the "plug-ins" directory if it does not exist

  3. Copy zurbrigg_advanced_playblast_ui.py and zurbrigg_advanced_playblast_presets.py (from the scripts folder) to Maya's scripts directory:

    Windows: C:/Users/<username>/Documents/maya/<MAYA_VERSION>\scripts
    macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/<MAYA_VERSION>\scripts

Adding a Shelf Button

  1. Open the Script Editor in Maya (Window->General Editors->Script Editor)
  2. Create a new Python tab
  3. Insert the following Python commands:
    from zurbrigg_advanced_playblast_ui import ZurbriggAdvancedPlayblastUi
  4. From the Script Editor main menu select File->Save Script to Shelf
  5. Enter a name for the shelf button and click OK

Playblasting Without the UI

The following script can be used to launch a playblast directly through a shelf button. Of note, the UI will be shown on first use in a new Maya session to confirm settings.

from zurbrigg_advanced_playblast_ui import ZurbriggAdvancedPlayblastUi

if ZurbriggAdvancedPlayblastUi.ui_instance:

Updating Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast

To install an update, repeat the installation instructions and overwrite the previous version of each file.

ffmpeg Setup

A detailed video walkthrough on setting up ffmpeg is available here.

ffmpeg is a free, open-sourced, command line tool that can be used to, among other things, encode and decode media.

Links to compiled versions of fffmpeg, for various operating systems, are available in the download section of the official ffmpeg.org website (in the Get packages & executables files section).

  1. Download a compiled (gpl, non-shared) version of ffmpeg and unzip the contents
  2. Copy ffmpeg.exe (Windows) or ffmpeg (macOS) to a location on your hard drive
  3. In Zurbrigg Advanced Playblast, select the Settings tab
  4. In the Playlast section, set the ffmpeg Path to the location of the executable on your hard drive

User's Guide