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Maya Tools: Shot Mask

1 hour 20 minutes
Chris Zurbrigg

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An advanced, project-based course detailing the process of creating a custom Shot Mask node for Maya and the supporting UI to make it a user-friendly experience.

This course builds on the foundations of the Maya Python API and the PySide2 for Maya series and highlights many of the challenges encountered when building production level tools.
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Course Outline

8 Videos (1 hour 20 minutes)

00 - Introduction

A general overview of this series, the course requirements and what viewers can expect in upcoming lessons.

01 - Project Overview

A high level overview of the Shot Mask project -- the objectives, requirements and deliverables.

02 - Project Setup

A quick tour of the Maya plugin boilerplate code that is common to all custom locator nodes.

03 - Visibility (Part 1)

An explanation of shot mask visibility and required changes to the locator node's default properties to avoid issues down the road.

04 - Visibility (Part 2)

The implementation of a custom attribute that will be used to limit the shot mask visibility to specific cameras.

05 - Attributes (Part 1)

The implementation of the Shot Mask node attributes required by the node's draw override class.

06 - Attributes (Part 2)

Continuing on from the previous lesson, the remaining attributes are added to the Shot Mask node.

07 - Attributes (Part 3)

Wrapping up the attributes section, attribute values are retrieved from the node and stored in the user data object for use by the draw override node.

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