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Maya Python API (Vol. 3)

Maya (2018+)
1 hour 37 minutes
Chris Zurbrigg

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A continuation of the Maya Python API series that further explores Maya's API through a combination of theory and practical examples.
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Course Outline

12 Videos (1 hour 37 minutes)

00 - Introduction

A high level overview of what is upcoming in the third volume of the Maya Python API series.

01 - Locators (Part 1)

An overview of custom locator nodes -- what they are, how to create them using Maya’s Python API and additional VP 2.0 requirements.

02 - Locators (Part 2)

A simple locator node example that covers, in detail, each of the steps required to create a custom locator node.

03 - Locators (Part 3)

The implementation of a custom draw override class -- required to draw the simple locator node in a VP 2.0 viewport.

04 - Locators (Part 4)

A walkthrough of the remaining steps required to associate the custom draw override with the simple locator node.

05 - Locators (Part 5)

A look at how a locator's attribute data is accessed in the draw override class and safely passed to the draw method using an MUserData object.

06 - Locators (Part 6)

Color is often used as a visual clue to the user as to a locator's state (selected, templated, etc...) and, in this lesson, that functionality is added to the SimpleLocatorNode.

07 - Custom Node Icons

A quick look at the steps required to display custom node icons in the Outliner and Node Editor.

08 - Distance Between Locator (Part 1)

A practical locator example that calculates and displays the distance between two objects in 3d space.

09 - Distance Between Locator (Part 2)

Focusing on the locator node class, the required attributes are added and the compute method is implemented.

10 - Distance Between Locator (Part 3)

With the distance between logic implemented, the display override class can be updated to present this information in the viewport.

11 - Distance Between Locator (Part 4)

To improve the end user experience, the distance displayed in the viewport is moved into 3d space, positioned between the two inputs.

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