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Maya Python API (Vol. 4)

Maya (2020+)
38 minutes
Chris Zurbrigg

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An even deeper dive into the Maya API exploring a wide range of new topics -- with some tips and tricks provided along the way.
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Course Outline

5 Videos (38 minutes)

00 - Introduction

A high level overview of what is upcoming in the fourth volume of the Maya Python API series.

01 - Animation Curves (Part 1)

An overview of animation curves and Maya's AnimCurve node.

02 - Animation Curves (Part 2)

A short example demonstrating how to access AnimCurve nodes from a selected object.

03 - Attributes, Plugs and Connections

A discussion on the differences between attributes, plugs and connections -- three terms frequently used when working with nodes in Maya.

04 - Animation Curves (Part 3)

The implementation of a function to create and connect an AnimCurve node to a selected object.

Additional Videos Coming Soon...

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